Transit Insurance Policy for Removals

Transit Insurance Policy for Removals

Lo.Co. Removals is an accredited insurance provider and can arrange a Transit Insurance Policy to cover your valuable property during a move.

Highly recommended as an essential precaution for both your peace of mind and ours, there are two types of Transit Insurance Policies available.

  1. Full insurance cover.
  2. Restricted insurance cover is limited to fire damage, vehicle overturn or theft only.

The minimum Transit Insurance Policy value available is $10,000.00. The policy price varies according to the distance of your move.

Local area Transit Insurance for removals within Victoria

  • Full local cover $10,000 policy value price : $175.00
  • Restricted local cover $10,000 policy price : $120.00

Interstate Transit Insurance

  • Full interstate cover $10,000 policy value price : $250.00
  • Restricted interstate cover $10,000 policy price : $150.00

For a Transit Insurance Policy covering a property value exceeding $10,000, Lo.Co. Removals can negotiate a special price for you. Simply contact us ⇒

Lo.Co. Removals is authorised insurance representative No. 267367 registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission licenced through Aldridge & Street Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, Licence No. 245658.

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