Helpful tips for a successful house move

Helpful tips for a successful house move

The first rule for a successful house move is to use proper packing materials. There may be a cost involved, but you can move with confidence knowing that your valuables are more likely to arrive safely at the other end.

  • Do not use open-top or fruit cartons as they do not stack during loading. There is also a tendency to crush if you use grocery store cartons as they are not double corrugated or sturdy enough.

Essentials for good packing

  • Sturdy removal cartons in both Standard and Book sizes.
  • White butchers paper.
  • Good quality packing tape.
  • Scissors, marker pens and labels.
  • Bubble wrap and protective coverings.

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Wardrobe boxes are invaluable for ensuring that your clothes will be in a wearable condition when they arrive at their new destination.

  • Heavy items like books and files should be packed into book cartons that can be lifted and carried by one person.
  • For proper wrapping you need to wrap items individually. Always place a layer of cushioning at the base of each box.
  • Bubble wrap, blankets, doonas and pillows can provide effective padding. You have to take them anyway, so might as well get them to work for you.

It is usually best to pack one room at a time. As you pack, for convenience at the other end, it is critical to label every box clearly on top and at the side. Mark a contents description and the room it is going into. This is a big help for our removalists.

To make the move quicker on the day

  • Have beds dismantled. Stow the nuts, bolts and bed legs in a safe place where they can be easily located at your destination.
  • Defrost the refridgerator and freezer the night before.
  • Disconnect and drain the washing machine.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances. Turn off the power first and then disconnect televisions, computers, lamps, etc. Coil up and tie the lead to the appliance

Safety tips for movers

There are quite often items around the house that are seemingly harmless. But at the time of a house move they may need attention as follows :

FlammablesFlammable materials sign

  • Cleaning fluids.
  • Acids.
  • Aerosol cans.
  • BBQ gas bottles.

It is best to dispose of these items before the move. Otherwise take them, with special care, in your own vehicle. The removalist is not able to take flammable materials for the safety of the load. It is also a good idea to :

  • Empty fuel out of lawn mowers, whipper snippers, chain saws, etc, if they are to be loaded on the truck.

Safety with substances that may leak

Used tins of paintWhere you have substances that might leak, such as partially used cans of paint or oil, it is usually best to discard them prior to your move.

If you have jars of liquids of any type that you plan to take with you, taping them securely and taking them in waterproof bags is the best way to go.

Safety for yourself

No matter how much help you have, moving invariably means a lot of lifting. Be sure to follow the normal rules for lifting and use your legs to take the strain.

Always use your legs when lifting

  • To make life easier for yourself and to avoid back injuries, be aware that heavier things should go into smaller boxes. Don't be fooled about books and papers. A large box full of books can be too heavy for most people !

On your moving day there are potential dangers with electrical cords and plugs. As furniture and heavy items are moved, loose cords can easily get in the way and trip people over.

  • Disconnect all electrical items, coil up the cord and tape it to the appliance.


Pets, dogs and cats

We all know that pets love to “help”. But they can get in the way and trip either you or the removalist on the day.

  • Keep pets in a safe place out of the way, until the move is over.

We sincerely hope this advice has been of some help in guiding you towards a stress free move and wish you the very best of luck in your new home.

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